Mechanical Services

At the request of Siemens Energy, Inc. (Siemens), we removed and re-installed three aeroderivative Gas Turbine Engines (GTE) for 45-megawatt generators as part of Siemens’ upgrade process for these mobile power generation systems.  Working at the direction of Siemens’ subject matter experts on site, our scope of work included the following:

  • Disconnect all cables, hoses, controls, mounting hardware, airflow shrouds, roof sections, etc., to enable removal of the GTE from the trailer enclosure.
  • Remove the GTE from the trailer enclosure and set it in place on the shipping frame.
  • Load the GTE / shipping frame onto a truck for shipment to the OEM.
  • Offload the upgraded GTE / shipping frame from a returning truck after OEM modifications.
  • Install the upgraded GTE into the trailer enclosure in reverse order of the removal process.
  • Verify proper torque, alignment, parts usage, etc., during and after GTE installation.

The modified generators were placed directly onto an oceangoing freighter and they are currently being installed in Nicaragua for municipal power generation.