Specialty Fabrication

At the request of our customers, we completed the fabrication of one (1) new gooseneck frame, modification of one (1) existing gooseneck frame, and fabrication of one (1) carousel entry chute for use in offshore projects.  The scope of work included the following:

  • Procurement of materials in accordance with customer specifications and requirements.
  • Welding fabrication in accordance with AWS D1.1 requirements and qualified welding procedures.
  • 100% Visual Inspection of all welds.
  • 100% Magnetic Particle Inspection of all padeye and handrail welds.
  • 25% Magnetic Particle Inspection of all other welds.
  • 25% Ultrasonic Testing of complete joint penetration welds.
  • Preparation and submittal of an as-built data package including material test certificates, non-destructive testing reports, as-built dimensional verifications, welding procedure approvals, personnel certifications, and other applicable data.

The gooseneck frames and carousel entry chute were successfully fabricated and deployed.