Lift Testing

At the request of Siemens Energy, Inc. (Siemens), we performed lift testing of three aeroderivative Gas Turbine trailers for a mobile 45-megawatt generator system.  The test required two cranes in a tandem lift to measure the load at each lift point and verify the center of gravity for each trailer.  This was the first time this lifting system had ever been used, and we were asked to machine several components on short notice to achieve proper fitment.  The scope of work included the following:

  • Install Siemens provided lower lifting bars onto each trailer.
  • Modify parts per Siemens direction for proper fitment.  Verify proper fitment and bolt torque.
  • Connect the crane hooks to the load cells, and then to the upper rigging, so that the load on each crane can be independently measured using a calibrated instrument.
  • Attach the upper rigging to the lower lifting bars and perform the lift test, recording the weight on each load cell.
  • Lower the trailer, disconnect the rigging, and repeat the process for the two additional trailers.

These generator systems were successfully tested and placed directly onto an oceangoing freighter.  They are currently being installed in Nicaragua for municipal power generation.